Pastoral Council

Rev Clarence Riley is supported by his pastoral council as follows:

Denise Brown - Secretary/ Financial Administrator

Coral Graham - Assistant Secretary/ Financial Administrator

Melbourne Codrington - Pastoral Council Member

Yvonne Hopwood - Pastoral Council Member


Youth and Christian Education

Our Youth Leader is Tiffany 

Children and young people meet every Sunday morning and older children meet on Friday evenings where they are involved in a range of spiritual and fun social activities to equip them to know Jesus and live out their faith in their homes, schools/colleges and communities.


Sunday School

Our Sunday School Leader is Orika

We have a thriving Sunday School on Sunday mornings for children and adults of all ages. We learn the word of God through interaction, questions and answers and activities. Our teachers are: Tiffany Riley, Orika Riley, Yvonne Hopwood, Beula Hall


Transport Team

Our mini bus driver is Trevor Collman, accompanied by Transport Escorts, Monique and Gem.  This team ensures the safety and well being of children and other passengers  - they enjoy interacting and building relationships with parents in our community.


Women’s Discipleship Ministry (WDM)

Our WDM Leader is Marjorie 

Our women get together socially to support each other, provide friendship and spiritual discipleship. They also participate in our national programmes -


Men’s Ministry - Lifebuilders

Our Lifebuilders Leader is Melbourne 

Our men paticipate in a range of London and national events for social interaction, education, enrichment and spiritual growth -